F&T Solutions LTD is a consulting company based in the north of England. Our team of experienced web developers, designers, digital marketing experts will listen, collaborate and will do their best so that your business will thrive in the digital world.

We provide outstanding service and innovative marketing and online solutions to maximize results for our client partners. In our company, each project is a combination of expertise, research, creative work (creativity), thinking outside the box and passion. 

Our agency is structured in a way to ensure projects move along swiftly, and utilise the varied skills of our in-house account managers, project managers, media planners and strategic developers, as well as our writers, designers, editors, copywriters, editors, coders, digital strategists and web developers, to achieve the best results possible. We believe in using domestic resources and are 100% made in UK.
Our approach involves developing customised solutions and planned executions based on the unique needs and demands of your challenge. We believe projects are modified by their environment, necessitated by their tasks and shaped by the market. We provide custom solutions based on our vast experience in all areas of traditional and online marketing.

Through our years as an advertising and marketing firm we have gained an expertise in understanding market forces and audience perceptions and how to work within the confines of processes and regulations.

We pride ourselves on being able to not only identify and develop comprehensive marketing strategies, but execute them successfully through a well thought-out, cost-effective plan with metrics and measurable goals.

At F&T Solutions LTD, we pride ourselves on creating a collaborative work environment with our clients. We cultivate a collaborative environment where we utilise your knowledge of the marketplace, your products and your competitors, adding to that our experience with strategic planning, marketing savvy and quality creativity.

We believe that initial planning sessions are the ideal starting point for projects. We refer to these meetings as “mining sessions” where we dig deep into your world to discover what molds and shapes your business as well as what this project needs to achieve and how, working together, we can ensure its ultimate success.


When we develop any large project we utilise a system we call Elastic Planning. Elastic Planning involves developing a solid, long-term strategic plan that includes flexible execution strategies. Smart, flexible execution strategies first and foremost ensure that the established goal are met, while at the same time providing some leeway in order to take advantage of unexpected opportunities when they occur throughout the year.
After all, you can’t plan for unexpected opportunities, but you can be prepared for them when they arise.

Like most service organisations our invoices are based on the time and talent we invest in a project. We always provide a detailed proposal and estimate for approval before starting. We adhere to our estimates unless project specifications change.
The first thing we do after being assigned a project is schedule information-gathering meetings between our creative team and your key staff. We are interested not only in scheduling, budget and job specifications, but also in your preferences, target audience, and objectives. And, of course, we will want to know all the user features and benefits of the product.

Although this process is somewhat time-consuming (we don’t like meetings any more than you do), it is also crucially important. It will help you sharpen your focus and objectives, and it will help us ensure that what we produce is not only creatively excellent, but strategically targeted.
Despite popular misconceptions, good creative work doesn’t often come in a flash of inspiration; usually it comes from lots of trial and error. This is why we also need to take the time to consider several approaches (concepts), work them through, try them out. Then revise them. In addition, there are usually some practical and functional ends we need to tie up before submitting our ideas — sub-contractor availability, printing estimates, scheduling requirements, etc.

All this, plus the need to schedule our workflow in a business-like fashion, means that we normally ask for up to two weeks, depending on the job’s complexity, before we submit our rough approaches (concepts) for your review. Of course, if you have a rush project or deadline pressure we adjust our workflow and timing accordingly.

It is our experience that it is best if we first present our rough concepts to your project manager and just one or two others. This ensures that we all stay focused on the project and lessen potential distractions. Our rough concept consists of an overview, strategy, objective, creative, execution and budget overview. They are adequate to convey what we believe is the best approach to take, taking into consideration your budget, schedule, objectives, and preferences. On the other hand, they are not so well-developed as to have wasted time and effort if we need a course correction.

After presenting, we’ll ask for comments. The more objective and specific you can be, the better we will be able to respond. Comments are our input for revising the rough concepts into a finished one. Revision normally takes us about a week, and we schedule a second presentation shortly thereafter.

From the input at this second presentation meeting further minor refinements are made as necessary.

We also finalise the production timetable, and the scheduling of additional services such as those found on our services page.


is a consulting company based in the north of England. Our team of experienced web developers, designers, digital marketing experts will listen, collaborate and will do their best so that your business will thrive in the digital world Read More

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